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African American Genetics to Blame?!

  This story is such an abuse of good science and good conscience, we feel it is important to pass it on to our readers, and to comment on the story. Oil and gas group says African American ‘genetics’ are to blame for health problems, not pollution API dismisses new pollution study with discredited racist notion. Justice is not served using bad or skewed science; whether it is legal, human rights, social, monetary, or environmental justice. ZMassociates takes great pride in performing human health and toxicology studies using the best available data, accepted and proven procedures, protocols, and methodology, and Read More

Measuring GHG from Space

YES!! Concerned scientists at the European Space Agency have found a way to collect real-time data of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of our planet. While this is exciting, and adds to existing data, our efforts must still focus on the science of reducing consumption of fossil fuels and energy obtained at the expense of the planet and life on the planet. I am encouraged by the realization that shifting to alternative and safe energy production and consumption is the path the safe path forward. Read more about the initiative here: Innovative satellite launched for monitoring global methane and air quality Read More

Climate Change Q & A

Interesting source of information on “Climate Change Questions”. I am certain most of you wonder about the changes we have seen as of late. Weather, earthquakes, and the seemingly increasing frequency of them. We ask ourselves, if these events are a result of human actions or are they expected cycles of our planet?  Are these events reflections of “climate change”, or just the variations we must expect to see as inhabitants of planet Earth. As a seasoned environmental scientist and air quality expert, I have my views and thinking, as I’m sure you do as well. It is refreshing to Read More

China’s Alarming Increase in Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Deaths Soar in China’s Steel Country, Report Says By MICHAEL FORSYTHEFEB. 19, 2016 China seems to be paying the human price for lack of respect for environmental controls on industrialization. A steel factory in Hebei Province, which surrounds Beijing. Satellite photos of northern China regularly show a miasma of smog centered on the province. Credit Kevin Frayer/Getty Images HONG KONG — The death rate from lung cancer in the heavily industrialized province surrounding Beijing has more than quadrupled in the last four decades, with researchers pointing to worsening air pollution as a likely culprit, according to a local Read More

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