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Project: Regional GHG Assessment (MCI West) (2008-2009) ZMassociates completed a comprehensive GHG inventory and prepared a regional strategic plan for eight bases in the Southwest United States…

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Business professionals meet with a consultant from ZMassociates to improve performance

Confidential Utility Client Project: Air Emissions and GHG Mitigation Implementation Support ZMassociates performed complex detailed research for emission factors for a long list of onroad and offroad vehicles…

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An environmental Engineer takes a soil sample

Southern California Project:  Model Human Health Risk from Vadose Zone off-gassing from a Groundwater Chlorinated Solvent plume ZMassociates designed a soil vapor and ambient air monitoring project…

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Industrial Plant

ZMassociates thrives on complexity. Whether it is regulatory interpretation of hazardous waste permitting, multi-pathway risk analysis, complex terrain air dispersion modeling, cutting edge technical concepts, or multi-party participation, ZMassociates has the experience and expertise to solve your problem. Call us – (949) 608-9890

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