Earth’s Climate Correction?

Earth’s Climate Correction?

What happens when we exceed the caring capacity of Earth?

Humans share planet earth with millions of plant species, animals of every imagination, and cellular life we barely understand.  What we share on earth, is in a delicate ecological balance, easily disrupted when human action is self centered and irresponsible toward our roomates on earth.
Disrupting one element of the ecosystem, this delicate balance, can have an equal and opposite side effect, reactive force to gain balance.  We may not know it or see it until we are grabbed by the consequences of our actions.

We are not alone and it is not about just human greed, and do whatever to self survive.

It is my sincere hope and belief that we can wake up to our actions with compassion, kindness, and care for all humans, plants, animals, and cellular life we live in delicate balance with.

Kind regards,
Thomas Miller, President/Scientist

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