ELG Cerro Copper

Client: Environmental Litigation Group (ELG)

Martha Custer, et al., vs. Cerro Flow Products, Inc., 2017 – 2018

Mr. Miller was retained as an expert witness, produced a detailed Expert Report, and was deposed by defendants.  The case is scheduled for trial in February 2018, where Mr. Miller will be an expert witness. Mr. Miller and ZMassociates provided air dispersion modeling demonstrating the air emission dispersion pattern from historic process air emissions from Cerro Copper secondary copper smelter operations, over a 50-year time span.  Mr. Miller used the U.S. EPA AERMOD air dispersion model to show that Cerro Copper process emissions created an unacceptable dioxin and furan exposure for at least 19 plaintiffs living down-wind of the Cerro operations.

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