Our Team

Thomas Miller
Founder & President
10 years Ph.D. Graduate Studies, Environmental Chemistry, Risk Analysis, Forensics, Toxicology & Environmental Engineering
B.S., Chemistry

40+ years experience in environmental investigation and remediation, environmental management, environmental science, air and toxics modeling, risk/decision analysis, research, environmental investigation, toxicology, and forensics in an equal mix of business/industry, government and consulting sectors making him an unbeatable wealth of knowledge, skill and experience. Nationally recognized cross-functional team building, environmental and management expert.

Summer Thompson
Environmental Scientist

B.A. Chemistry

Summer provides project, operation, and administrative technical support at the Portland, Oregon office. Her project focus is technical research, task support, and environmental project management across Oregon and California. Summer provides excellent organizational skills and timely communication. With her background in chemistry, she is able to combine insight from chemical processes with environmental know-how in order supplement project tasks. Summer has a sharp attention to detail and ability to multitask several projects, tasks, and deadlines at once. Outside of work Summer enjoys gardening, hiking, and cooking.

Militsa Zaklan-Miller
Environmental Technician

B.A., Math and Computer Science, expected 2022

Militsa provides project technical and quality review support at the Portland, Oregon and the Irvine, California offices. Her project focus is technical research, task support, and data modeling analysis and quality review. Militsa has strong computer science and mathematics skill to add significant value during set up of various dispersion modeling projects.

Nichola Zaklan
Environmental Research Consultant & Technical Writer/Editor

M.S., Journalism
B.S., Semiotics, Brown University

Ms. Zaklan has more than 20 years of experience in professional communications, environmental research and writing, editing, and consulting in a variety of industries, including high-tech, environmental, public relations, and journalism. As an environmental and technical researcher, Ms. Zaklan spent numerous years researching the background and technical detail supporting sound decisions and theory. Ms. Zaklan also led numerous permit application developments pulling together the facts, detail, and regulatory requirements. For example, Hazardous Waste TSDF Part B applications for large complex mixed radioactive hazardous waste sites.

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