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Detailed Technical Studies
Air Quality Studies
Human Health Risk Assessment Modeling
Transportation Projects
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Air Permitting

Permit Modifications
Construction and Operating Permit
State and Federal Permits
Conformity Analysis
NSR and PSD Modeling
Air Toxics
Air Dispersion Modeling

Air Dispersion Modeling

Conformity Analysis & Modeling

Legal Expert Oppinion

Toxic Tort
Wrongful Death
Hazardous Waste
Air Toxics
Air Dispersion Modeling
Human Health Risk Analysis

Client Testimonials

  • ZMassociates prepared a successful Hazardous Waste Permit Application for California DTSC. We could not have done this work without ZMassociates. Mr. Miller and his team were amazing. We plan to use them again!
    customer photo

    John Bowers, Waste Treatment Manager, Lawrence LIvermore National Laboratory

  • ZMassociates provided rapid and comprehensive support for relocation of our Hillsboro facility. They were excellent, easy to work with, and I plan to use them again.
    customer photo

    Don Davis, Facilities Manager, FEI Company

  • Thomas provided excellent consulting to the Oregon Sustainability Board providing great ideas for use of the project based learning model. We are very thankful for his insight and hard work.
    customer photo

    Bill Bradbury, Secretary of State, State of Oregon

  • Mr. Miller is providing Outstanding AERMOD modeling Expert Witness support for a case involving greater than 5,000 plaintiffs exposed to air emissions from a nearby Cerro Copper smelting facility. Greater than 50 years of dioxin/furan air emissions from Cerro have been shown to create sever health impacts to these plaintiff.
    customer photo

    Gregory Cade, Attorney, Environmental Litigation Group, P.C.