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Oil and gas industry

Discussion about fracking and reporting is being hotly debated. There is no doubt about the huge potential of the Monterey Shale with over 400 billion barrels of…

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blurry shot of Traffic

A new EPA soot regulation will hit California hard. California’s high levels of soot come from diesel-burning transportation on roads and in the ports, which is more…

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Smoke Stacks in the Distance

Registration for the Nov 14th GHG auction can take several weeks – have you registered? If not here is what you need to do. On November 14,…

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A view of a city skyline with a heavy layer of smog

The U.S. EPA has finalized revisions to 40CFR Part 98, Subpart A general greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting requirements, clarifying confidentiality and reporting requirements for Subpart A, which…

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