Climate Change Q & A

Climate Change Q & A

Interesting source of information on “Climate Change Questions”.

I am certain most of you wonder about the changes we have seen as of late. Weather, earthquakes, and the seemingly increasing frequency of them.

We ask ourselves, if these events are a result of human actions or are they expected cycles of our planet?  Are these events reflections of “climate change”, or just the variations we must expect to see as inhabitants of planet Earth.
As a seasoned environmental scientist and air quality expert, I have my views and thinking, as I’m sure you do as well.

It is refreshing to see the New York Times has produced a Questions and Answers source for public access, to see what scientifically-backed answers they have to the climate-related questions the populace is currently pondering.
Consider checking these out.
Consider asking experts and deciding for yourself.
Consider doing what you can, where you can, to address the questions and concerns.

New York Times Q and A

In my opinion, as the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, stated in his September 19, 2017 address to the United Nations, “The planet will not negotiate with us”. We must all individually do our part, and the biggest thing we can do is to educate ourselves and those around us about climate-related issues and the science behind them.

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