African American Genetics to Blame?!

African American Genetics to Blame?!

This story is such an abuse of good science and good conscience, we feel it is important to pass it on to our readers, and to comment on the story.
Oil and gas group says African American ‘genetics’ are to blame for health problems, not pollution API dismisses new pollution study with discredited racist notion.

Justice is not served using bad or skewed science; whether it is legal, human rights, social, monetary, or environmental justice.

ZMassociates takes great pride in performing human health and toxicology studies using the best available data, accepted and proven procedures, protocols, and methodology, and with a true ethical bent in all our work.

It saddens us that scientists (or science advisors, or so-called scientists), can be paid to write papers that can be misinterpreted or flat out wrong.

The API report should never have seen light of day.

Samuel McGlory Jr., throws out debris in front of his damaged home from Hurricane Harvey as an oil refinery stands in the background in Port Arthur, Texas, Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017. The region’s economy is tied to the petroleum industry more than in any other place in America: the concentration of people here employed by refineries is 81 times higher than the rest of the country. Though research suggests most in Jefferson County believe that humans have contributed to the warming of the globe, many struggle still to know what to expect their leaders to do about it without at the same time crippling their own economy. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Read for yourself and write a letter to the API requesting that a public apology be forth coming.

API Blog Post, by Uni Blake, November 16, 2017

NAACP Fumes Across the Fence-Line, A New Study by NAACP, Clean Air Task Force, and National Medical Association, November 14, 2017

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Thomas Miller, President
ZMassociates Environmental Corporation

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